In the days following Bob’s death, our family met so many of his friends, students, and colleagues.  The impact of your stories during one of the most emotional weeks of our lives cannot be understated.  At the funeral home alumni runners and parents told us stories of holding onto the doors of the orange volkswagon bus so they wouldn’t fall off while driving to get to the next meet!

One of the long time cafeteria workers shared that Bob came every day and got a cookie and on his way out said he left the money on the counter.  Of course he never did leave money and the sheer amount of cookies stolen from the cafeteria are still unaccounted for!

The stories went on and on and we found ourselves laughing so much during the 2 days of goodbyes.  You gave us a much needed reprieve from a sorrow I can’t even define.  Our family would have stayed a week to hear all of your stories and are asking again for you to share them.  If you have a picture we will post that as well.

From the Lennon family to Bob’s DeSales family, from the bottom of our hearts, WE THANK YOU!

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